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How To Leverage Social Media As A Blogger To Extend Your Reach

This is a guest post by Ken Rhie, CEO of Trumpia. Trumpia is a complete SMS software solution with mass SMS messaging, smart targeting and automation.

There are always new ways to alter your marketing strategy in an effort to reach a wider audience. When you are focused on growing your business, you’ll have to do some investigating.

First you have to identify who your target audience is. After you have a strong understanding of who your followers are, you have to figure out where they are hanging out. There are a number of social media platforms to use, but matching the right platform to your target demographic takes some work.

To get started, you’ll need to learn about the various social media platforms and set up accounts on each to learn what will work for your business.

Set Up Your Social Media Accounts

When you want to leverage social media, you have to get started by setting up accounts. Three popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each site offers you ways to promote your business and to share news with your followers.

The younger crowd tends to be on Instagram, while the most popularly used social media website is Facebook. Set up an account on all three sites and focus on growing a following on each platform. Once you get your accounts set up, you can begin to see what works for your audience and which platform is more popular for you to use with your customers.

Evaluate What Is Working With Your Followers

Take the time to look at each social media account you have set up. Consider what your customers are reacting to. If they are commenting like crazy on your posts on Facebook, but you get no action on Instagram, it’s time to put more of your marketing efforts into Facebook.

Once you see where your customers are engaging with your business, you need to focus on that social media account for a while. Learn how to gain followers on your chosen platform, and become a master at creating engaging content. While you can continue to post to other platforms, focus on what is working now to grow your business.

Send Links to Your Favorite Posts Through Text Messages

You’ll have to create an opt-in campaign in order to build an audience for text messages.

Once this is done, you can invite customers to visit you on your social media sites by sending a marketing text message. When you have the ability to reach your customers through text messaging, you are opening up a whole new world for your marketing efforts.

You can get customers to sign up to receive text messages by sharing the information on your social media accounts, and you can get customers to visit you on social media through text messaging. The more ways you try to interact with customers, the easier it will be to discover what works.

When you have a blog that you want to share to your target demographic, you need to unleash the power of your social media presence. Through the use of text messaging and social media posts, you can get your message out to your audience.